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VISTA is a representative of Scandinavian design that feels great in a classic, traditional and modern interior. Slender legs give the whole piece of furniture lightness, whereas a removable headrest and a bedding storage will allow you to take full advantage of its possibilities. The sleeping function is an additional advantage of this model. It is easy to disassemble and extremely practical.



For details: the type of upholstery, the color of the upholstery, possible additional elements (headrests, side change, leg change), as well as available elements for a possible individual sofa or corner sofa configuration – ask in the nearest sale point.


Width [cm] REC | OTM 238 | 236

Depth [cm] REC | OTM 168 | 190

Height [cm] 82

Additional dimensions

Sleeping area [cm] - 2F-REC/BK or REC/BK-2F 123x196

Sleeping area [cm] - 2F-OTM/BK or OTM/BK-2F 123x178

General information

Sleeping function Yes

Unfolding automat

Storage Yes

Feet Wooden - colors to be selected from the wood samples

Additional information

upholstery fabrics to choose

silicone filling of the backrest

choice of thread color

decorative sewing

High Resilience foam

wave springs

colors of wooden elements to choose from samples

upholstered back


bedding storage


Dimensions are given with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm. Photos and drawings may differ slightly from reality. Furniture does not function as beds, the sleeping function should be used occasionally. The manufacturer may introduce changes to the colors, design, dimensions and functions of the presented products. Please contact the point of sale before making a purchase.

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