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Leather care

During treatment in the tannery, leather coating is properly processed by means of numerous softening agents which provide it with the required flexibility. Therefore, over time, it is necessary to complete them. Unfortunately, tanned leather does not have regeneration ability, thus we need to help it by proper care.

Utilized leather furniture is subject to the impact of many harmful factors such as: temperature changes (exposure to sunlight, heating), influence of salts contained in human and animal sweat (in case of animals also in saliva). These factors cause leather drying, which leads to its hardening and consequently cracks appear, particularly in highly tight areas exposed to contact with human skin or hair.

The basic method of leather furniture care is its regular dusting, which reduces the formation of permanent dirt. It is advisable to dry-dust (using cloths that attract dust at best) or use a sponge slightly dampened with a cleaning agent from the DES set.

Additionally, two to four times a year complete maintenance treatments with the use of DES cleaning and care sets should be performed. Maintenance frequency should be adjusted depending on the intensity of usage and individual evaluation of the degree of dirt, however intervals longer than half a year (life of the impregnating coating) are not advisable.